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Professional drum recordings done remotely on all your songs for all your drum needs.

With years of experience drumming in different environments, and on genres spanning from singer-songwriter, to punk, to rock, to hip-hop I am capable of getting the sound and drum performance that you need recorded and to make your track sound just like the pros. With faster service and more affordable rates, it's an easy choice. I am your personal drummer at hand. 








"Working with Cade was awesome! He played on three of my EP tracks and was not only a skillful drummer, but really creative in the unique rhythm layers he brought to each song. I enjoyed working with him and appreciated his diverse musical background and his openness to explore different sounds. He worked to get each take perfectly, and we ended up creating some really catchy rhythmic layers that I think in the end not just accompanied my songs but really elevated my music to a new place. All around a really talented drummer / musician who is skilled, easy going, and fun to work with!"

-Lydia Baik of Dear Liry, San Jose, California /

“I love working with Cade. I’ve recorded him as a session drummer on a handful of projects, and he always brings an incredibly musical approach to the drums. He’s one of those guys that plays to serve the song, and actually makes it better. Cade's playing style adds a sense of depth and dimension to any arrangement, whether it’s a simple groove or something more intricate. On top of that, he’s super easy-going and a fun hang all around!”

-Tyler Mays, Owner and Operator of Irongrove Studios  in Issaquah, Washington /

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Once you have filled out all the information on this form, I will send back an email detailing any further questions that I have, and I'll be introducing myself. When I have all the info I need and you have sent the monetary deposit amount, I will get right to work on your song. You will receive 2 different takes of the song in 48K .WAV formats. You will get the individual stems and mixed down left/right stereo files of the drum recordings. You can expect to get your files within 2-3 weeks of the start date (the date the deposit is sent), unless informed otherwise. If you wish to receive "wet", more thoroughly processed versions of the stems an additional charge will be added to the total amount. This includes the drums mixed myself so that they sound radio-ready, and fit perfectly into your song for you. If there is any other information you'd like to inquire about or would like to inform me of, please type it below. I am looking forward to working with you, and to be a part of making your creative visions come true! MAKE WAVES, Cade Legat